Without a doubt the most used frame drum in the British Isles is the bodhran. And one of the most popular bodhrans is the one made by Renegade Rhythms. The dynamic range and tonal variation of these superior Irish drums way surpasses others on the market. Indeed the very name Renegade Rhythms on the folk music scene commands a respect that we are proud of. Having manufactured drums for the likes of Steafan Hannigan, Gino Lupardi, JohnJoe Kelly, Aimee Leonard, we have a professional reputation that is in our best interest to maintain.

All our drums are quality controlled before dispatch. We use only the best and most expensive goat skins, hand selected for durability, thickness, appearance and tonal quality.

Mog himself is well known as a workshop leader and highly skilled bodhran performer. Over the years we have been able to build upon this high level of expertise and “musician’s view” to gain an insight into what a true bodhran should sound like.

Whilst we can build any size frame and depth you require, off the shelf we have three different sizes (Small 15”, Medium 17′,’ Large 18”) . Rim designs vary – you can choose between the smart black design, the traditional wooden variety, the famous “marbled rim”, airbrushed and the new Liberty paper.

Renegade Rhythms also stock a wide range of tippers, beaters, bodhran bags, tapes, tutor books and videos. We supply many CDs – all Irish folk music or percussion specific. Plus CDs on which Mog plays bodhran, eg Celtarabia, Celtica and Toggy Mess.

Then there’s the vast array of percussion instruments that we supply. From Berimbau to the Bendir, Djembes, Darabukhas, Sabar, Tablas etc. – percussion from Africa to India, Morocco to Cuba.

Just click on the icons and you will find all you need to know about our bodhrans, from care and maintenance, sizes & construction, through to a wide range of CDs with bodhran on them and the well known people who play our drums. Please browse and enjoy reading about the ultimate bodhran.





Finishes and Decoration

All drums are given two coats of the best quality exterior varnish and are then waxed.

We offer five basic designs:

  • Natural wood finish (Traditional designs)
  • Smart black finish
  • Marbled designs
  • Airbrushed designs
  •    Liberty paper

As all marbled and airbrushed designs are created individually and no two drums are the same.


The Professional Tuneable Bodhran. All our bodhrans come as tunable unless you specifically request a non-tunable variety (traditional design). See prices for details.

The tuner set in this unique design is made from a very strong, high density plastic. It has an internal metal tuning ring and six Allen key operated tuners. It’s light, durable and, because the tuners themselves are not made from metal, will not make those unwanted metallic clangs and buzzes characteristic of other tuneable bodhrans.

Because of their tonal variation and ability to be tuned, these drums are very popular with the professionals. On wet and damp days when you’ve got that all important gig to play, you will be glad to own a Renegade Rhythms bodhran.

Caring for your drum

Natural skins need “food” and protection from the elements, in much the same way as a pair of leather shoes. If your skin isn’t oiled it will eventually dry out and may even crack or split. An application of dubbin or neatsfoot oil once every three or four months will keep the skin supple and in good condition. Apply the oil by hand or with a rag to the outside of the skin (playing side).


Leaving bodhrans by radiators/heaters could dry the skin out too much, and worse, may warp the rim, so be careful. In hot and dry weather, the skin may dry and tighten. During damp and wintry weather, if the skin goes loose and floppy, you can tune it up to the required pitch by placing it in a warm room or rubbing it gently with your hand. DON’T use a hair dryer, candle or flame thrower.

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