To make a purchase,

please get in touch with

or call 01263 735 080

to discuss your requirements.

We have a wide range of drums in stock at any time;

and also offer Bespoke Designs according to your specifications:

  • Skin (eg goat, calf, reindeer, others available on request)
  • Finish (eg plain, patterned, paper of your choice)
  • Size (12-18 inches diameter)
  • Depth

Current Prices:

Renegade Rhythms price list.

All our drums are quality controlled before they are dispatched. We only use the best and most expensive goat skins, reindeer and calf, specially selected for durability, thickness, appearance and tonal quality.

We have a NEW RANGE:

Liberty Paper

(selected designs from the famous shop in London’s Regent St.)

NEW RANGE: Liberty Paper


Bodhran Bags £16



– Brushes £11
– Leather Capped £10
– Hardwood £9
– Various basic designs £5 to £7


And of course our very own handmade DVD:




Steafan Hannigan videos £18

Videos by Conor Long/Tommy Hayes £17

Steafan Hannigan tutor book £8

Steafan Hannigan tutor tape £6.50


You may also wish to visit Hathormoon, through whose online shop we supply selected drums.

Renegade Rhythms Tuneable Bodhrans are renowned for their sound, flexibility and resilience, and we very rarely hear reports of damage.

It is important to look after your drum – oil the skin regularly and do not place it near any direct source of heat, nor leave it in a hot car.

We offer a reskinning service should the worst happen – contact us for rates.

We can also add a tuner set to an existing drum, giving you much greater control over the pitch, whatever the weather; (we are honoured to have been invited to make a traditional Siberian Shaman’s drum tuneable.)


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